Personal Training at Snap Fitness in Plymouth Minnesota

13408 Bass Lake Rd, Maple Grove, MN 55311

BA Fitness provides personal training and nutrition counseling and corporate wellness programs in Plymouth Minnesota at Snap Fitness

Lance Johnson

I have been around fitness and exercise my whole life. I was a 3 sport athlete in high school then a 2 sport (Track and Football) Division II athlete in college. Helping people hit their weight goals or body composition goals is one of the joys I get from personal training. I also enjoy working with people that already have an exercise background but are looking for something more, whether it is training for a sport, competition, or other activities.

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Zee Evans

I have gained a lot of knowledge on my fitness through my education and all my years in the gym that I can put to work for my clients. I am dedicated to helping my clients of all ages, body types and fitness levels to obtain and exceed their fitness and wellness goals. I love helping people and seeing them change both mentally and physically through personal training.

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