Makal Riley

My name is Makal, but I go by Mac. I'm a devoted husband and proud father of two boys... and I'm one big kid myself. I've been a fitness enthusiast all my life, but have committed the past three years developing fitness as my career.

I believe through fitness you can not only improve your overall quality of life, boost your self-confidence, and learn discipline, but most importantly you begin to realize that improving in any area of life is quite simple, in terms of complexity: all it takes is hard work and dedication. My mission isto strengthen my clients’ bodies along with their minds, because as Tony Robins once said "80% of success is physiological, 20% is mechanical".

In short, I want to offer an experience for people to feel empowered and inspired, where they'll have someone who believes in them as much they believein themselves... if not more. So if you are looking for a personable personal trainer and a custom workout, I'm your guy.

Certifications / Degrees

  • National Academy of Sports and Medicine Certified

  • ACE Small Group Training 360 Synergy Certified

Classes Experience


Weight Loss


Core and Balance


Muscular Definition