About ME


Born in Haiti, I was adopted with my wonderful twin sister at a young age to a lovely couple native to Northern Minnesota. I grew up doing things like snowmobiling, fishing, hunting and playing sports. I'm very fortunate to have a loving family and an upbringing that was built around faith, integrity and self perseverance. After college I started my own personal training company in Minneapolis in 2014 that employed some of the best fitness professionals in the Twin Cities. I've since moved to Phoenix, AZ where I train independently as one of the top trainers in the Phoenix metro.

Things I Like to Do

This may sound crazy but one of my favorite things to do is work. My passion is helping as many people as possible and to do this I must practice my craft. When I'm not practicing my craft you can find me hiking, lifting weights or finding a patio with a familiar face for appetizer and a beverage. I enjoy sporting events such as basketball, football and baseball. I like car shows and various festivals. Oh and don't judge me but I'll frequently visit the fine-arts for a local play, art show or catch comedy act on a Friday evening. Music is a big part of my life and I listen to everything from Jazz, Country, Hip-Hop and R&B and let's not forget about the Oldies. I'm never against going to a concert if the price is right!

In A Nutshell

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me. Now I'm anxious to learn more about you and your fitness goals!